Mwizukanji took Yo Maps To Court for a Support to Bukata


Mwizukanji on Sunday was on table interview called on the table with chimweka on Diamond Tv.she was asked if there is a relationship between yo maps and bukata and she she said, there is no any relationship apart from coming on birth days and pay wat was dually by court like school fee and etc. she also confirmed that she is haply married while she fails to put him publicly.

others says.…………

Let Mwizukanji surrender the Child to the father so that both Yo maps and MWIZUKANJi can concentrate to their marriages.What Mwizukanji should always know is that Yo maps is a happily married man and just like she is also a happily married woman.This already makes them two different people where interpersonal relationship is concerned.The truth is that Yo maps cannot talk to Bukata without engaging MWIZUKANJi hence maybe that’s what You maps doesnt want.Bukata is still a child she can’t own a phone so that she can be communicating directly with the father hence the only possible communication between Yo maps and Bukata is through MWIZUKANJi and that possibly it could be the only way Yo maps can express his love and care to the little girl and the truth is that they may pretend but the relationship between Yo maps and Mwizukanji is still cold,one of them is failing to move on Yo maps would want to create a relationship with his child but he can’t access it because he is not in a good relationship with the intermediator.Lets not pretend here, every married man or woman would do the same thing Yo maps is doing to protect his current marriage.I really don’t know how the Husband to MWIZUKANJi is managing this drama, but the truth is that it’s not healthy for both families.
Most of you women here who are commenting and trying to put the blame on Yo maps for not creating a relationship with Bukata you know how hard it is for man married man to have that opportunity, Kidist is not an exceptional.Some of you can’t allow your husband’s to even talk to their Children born outside marriage. You are not different from Yo maps and Kidist. Maybe you maps is even better coz he provides education support to the child, someone of you you can’t even remember the last time you last saw your child who was born outs!d€ marri@g€.
Let’s not h@te people for wanting to live their lives because we want to see them.

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