Zambian Artists Have Started Protesting Against “Free Downloads”


Zambian artists have started protesting against Free Downloads, they’re saying people must learn to buy music as it is the way of supporting Artists.

The hip hop heavyweight  Slap Dee was the first artist to come out to the public saying “No more free music from me”, when he retweeted to a statement by a fan who wanted Slapdee’s site to be running again.

We might say Daev‘s funeral revealed a secret that artists don’t benefit much from their music, as people are just used to Free Downloads.

When you go to West Africa, North America & South America, people do not piracy music, people always buy music and that is why their industry is growing rapidly compared to Zambia’s industry. Yet fans complain of Artists not collaborating with the likes of DavidoWizkidBurna BoyTeknoCassper NyovestNasty C or AKA, forgetting that artists don’t make enough money through music for them to manage to feature big artists.

The only means artists use to benefit from their music is through FeaturesShows & Events” and Advertisements, some even perform at Political Events. YesterdayRobertoHD Empire and Neo posted on social media asking fans why they don’t buy music? Fans responded saying👇🏾

• “Because artists share free downloading links”

• “Because we find it difficult to proceed with payment methods”

• “You need to talk to network providers, because we use bundles to download music”.