Yo Maps builds a mansion for his parents.


Yo Maps is constructing a home for his parents.

Zambian top-tier musician Yo Maps who has been trending on social media due to his success in the country’s music industry.

Just a month prior, when he purchased a gift for his wife Kidist a Mercedes-Benz in honor of their anniversary, he stated on his Facebook page that he had been secretly constructing a home for his parents.

Yo Maps, who is getting ready to launch his album in a stadium with a 60,000-audience capacity, will set a record for Zambian entertainment music when he does so.

Here is what he had wrote to his parents;

Thank You For Always Supporting Me.

Thank You For Guiding Me.

Thank You For Believing in Me.

Thank You For Rebuking Me.

Thank You For Praying For Me. 

Thank You For The Wisdom You Continue To impart in Me! 

Mom & Dad I Will Always Love and Appreciate you. I Am Here To Make You Proud. 

I Am Glad That Your New house is 90% done! 2023 is the year of breaking new records

May God keep You For Me 

Lesa Amipale .