We Must Deal With Those Two Women Who Were Harassing “Daev Zambia”


Our beloved late brother Daev Zambia was put to rest on the 30, September 2020 Wednesday, Heaven has really earned an Angel.

Fans are angry and they want justice for the late, concerning the video which circulated on social media showing Daev being harassed by two women. The Zambian Police did took an interest in this matter and we shall hear updates any time soon.

What Do You Think Made Daev To Be So Humble In That Video?

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1• Daev was just a simple, social and humble person who respected women so much, that’s why he didn’t take any violence actions against those two women! “👍”

2• I believe Daev must have been on a gun point, despite him being wrong, there’s no way a man can take such humiliation. “😡”

3• I think those two women knew a big secret about the late Daev and threatened him to use it against him, cause he cannot be afraid to face two women and in his own house. “😓”

4• Daev was a great Musician who might have been very unsound financially. He made music and got almost nothing from it. To easy up survival, he fell in love with rich girls who could sustain his life. “😂”

5• I feel like Daev was blackmailed, none of the girls in the video were his wives. So David had no moral obligation to fear them and allow such humiliations. The only explaination is that he feared lossing financial support. “😱”