Using Bots And Buying views Is Becoming A Trend In Zambia – Roberto!


Roberto Says It Seems Using Bots And Buying Views Is Becoming A Trend Now

Roberto Is A Multi-Award winning RnB Singer, Song Writer, Producer, Radio DJ, Voice Over artist and Video director.

Roberto Recently posted on his Twitter Platform Saying It Seems Buying Views and using Bots is Becoming A Trend In Zambia Now.

“ What is Bots and Buying views? – This Is the buying of views, likes or streams on social media or music platforms. How does it work? – the machines get to view or stream multiple times illegally with ghost accounts that don’t exist in order to increase numbers.)

Here is What he said!!!

The Artist did not Mention or give any Crue to Who he was referring to but fans think he actually meant Yo Maps Cause lately Yo Maps has been hitting huge numbers on his recent songs and what makes people suspicious is that The Views are extra far away from the reactions.

Here is on The recent Most viewed video Pick It Up ft Mic Burna by Yo Maps!!!

And Not only That This Week Yo Maps has been Trending for his Excellent Performance of his KOMANDO Album on Boomplay the Artist is Now Trending At number 1 as the most Streemed Artist on Boomplay this week.

Besides all the criticism that Roberto got on his post he then went on to justify that his not Jealous but he understands that not all understand the pros and cons of bots and buying views.

Here is What he said!!!