Tivo Shikapwasha Fire Indirect Shots at KB’s Diary 11


Tivo Shikapwasha Fire indirect Shots at KB’s Diary 11

Tivo Shikapwasha is one of the Zambia’s Best Videographer and director, And the Former Zambian Music President Married to one of the top Celebrated female artist known as Salma

Tivo recently posted on one of his platforms saying he just heard a song (Diary 11) by what is supposed to be produced by one of Zambia’s “Big Producers”(KB)

He can’t speak on the quality of this production as he respect differences in opinion🤷🏾‍♂️. He however spoke on the Violation of intellectual property which the same producer  (he didn’t mention) picked up on his song.

When Tivo heard the Song (Diary 11) as it opens, the chords instantly sound like  Wale’s Matrimony ft Usher he instantly gave it a pass as some people are influenced or inspired by different Chord Progressions and produce something similar without it being a violation of intellectual property.

This song was released 6 years ago (2015) check it out here

So he gave the song a chance. By the time the song got to the Chorus the Melody of the featured artist (Frank RO) was exactly as Ushers melody in “Matrimony“…

Clearly our “Big Producer”(KB) had stolen from Wale & Usher and their collaborating producers and made a “Zambianized” version of Matrimony. It turns out our “Big Producer”(KB) has made a habit of stealing Ideas and repackaging them for the Zambian Market,

He again said he picked up on a song (Extra Time) that our “Big Producer” (KB) produced for a very well established artist (Able Chungu) in which he ripped the very famous chord structure and melody to Marvin GayesSexual Healing“.

This song by Marvin Gayes was released 39 years ago (1982) check it out here

According to Tivo this is sad, because the truth is, this so called “Big Producer” (KB) isn’t the only culprit they are others who infringe on other artists rights in the name of Sampling.

Tivo wants a sound enabling environment in which our intellectual property is protected so we can maximize on the commercial value of our work through regulatory processes, and yet we have some among us violating intellectual property belonging to other creatives.

What’s worse is the insult this creates towards the consumers that buy the music believing that this great art is original when indeed it’s as good as selling a fake Gucci bag to an unsuspecting customer and not declaring that it is an imitation.

Many people have asked Tivo why are we not progressing internationally in the way that we should as an industry (this is a discussion for another day) but my Question is how will you produce for Usher Raymond when you are stealing from him? How will you get that international break through if your work is far from original? He can delve deeper on this subject but his main objective of sharing his thoughts is to inspire a young producer that is looking for opportunities to launch out on the right artistic principles and not fraudulent creativity that only insults your supporters.

Food For Thought.