Stevo Receives A Social Media Backlash From XYZ Fans Over His Verse In ”Selako“


Stevo Receives A Social Media Backlash From XYZ Fans Over His Verse In ”Selako“.

The XYZ Entertainment camp has proven to be one of the record label not to mess with, as fans will come with a heat at you.

Yesterday 26-Jan-2021, the Kopala Swag signed rapper Drifta Trek released a new single called Selako“ (Move Aside) on which he mingled with the likes of StevoJae Cash and Medley as sound production was laced by Silent Erazer.

On the song all rappers turned into monsters on the beat and proved how skilled they’re when it comes to rap. But seems like Stevo went a mile away by dropping a verse which sounded like he was throwing jabs at XYZ Entertainment and Slap Dee. And that triggered the fans who later started firing shots at him.

His opening line started as (Translated) I told Mzenga Man to remove my verse from the cypher cause I felt like a Cobra trapped in a cage full of rats  he then continued with They deleted my album saying it had so many features, but when someone released his album nothing was said.

The album part did not settle well with fans as they believe he sounded bitter, and below we’ve attached few screenshots from the comment section on his page.