Slap Dee – “None of My Kids Show A Sign of Becoming An Artist”


None of My Kids Show A Sign of Becoming An Artist Says Slap Dee.

You can’t specify your best 5 Zambian rappers and leave out the name Slap Dee. Tallying 16 years of being on top of the game and as yet checking.

Slap Dee arose on the music scene when Hip-Hop was under evaluated In Zambia. Back in the days individuals would only vibe to your music if it is an RnB or Kalindula. Obviously he was by all account not the only Hip Hip artist around then however he demonstrated himself to be deserving of the regard he has now.

He showed up on the portion of Getting Candid facilitated by Media Personality Hellen Zulu, where he several things which incorporates him being endorsed under Kalandanya Music Promotions and his connection with XYZ Entertainment.

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At the point when asked which one from his children shows a goal of turning into an artist later on, Discover what he needed to say by watching the show underneath!