OC Osilliation – ”The Zambian Ent. Industry Is Full Of Jealous People“


”Team work brings mountains down and builds bridges“ Says OC O‌silliation.

Zambian talented artist based in the United States of America — O’Brien Siame famously known as OC Osilliation or Siame OC has strongly advised Zambian Artists to support one another as a way of building the industry.

In Zambia we have so much potential, that can represent us on the international market but they lack motivation from Fans and fellow entertainers.

Speaking about the likes of Roberto, Jay Rox, Tiwa Hills, Mic Burner, Tim, Pompi, Mag44, Tio, Neo, Urban Hype, Cleo Ice Queen, Salma Sky, Slap Dee, Yo Maps, Chef 187 and so on and so forth, the list is endless. If we can genuinely support each other, we shall step up on the international market.

If Nigeria, South Africa, Congo, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi, they are doing it what can make us not to! It’s very possible, let support start within ourselves then we shall convince the outsiders.

Below is the statement made by Siame OC!