Macky 2’s King Bugar Reality Show won an award for best unscripted show. 


King Bugar wins best unscripted TV Show in Africa at the AMVCA awards in Nigeria.

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) are a prestigious event that honours the top talents in African film and television. The 2023 awards were held in Lagos, Nigeria, and drew industry experts, celebrities, and fans from throughout the continent.

The revelation of the winner of the “Best Unscripted Original” category, which turned out to be the highly popular show King Bugar, was one of the evening’s highlights. King Bugar, created and presented by acclaimed Zambian rapper Macky 2, enthralled fans with its original premise and intriguing material.

The fight for “Best Unscripted Original” was strong, with numerous famous series contending for first place. Come Play Naija, Judging Matters, Kan-See-Me, Off Air with Gbemi & Tools, Rock that Aisle Again, and Sakofa were among the nominees that demonstrated the diversity and originality of African television.

However, King Bugar triumphed, cementing its reputation as the best unscripted original show of the year. The series clearly struck a chord with viewers, providing an amusing and realistic look into Macky 2’s life and the world of music. Macky 2’s charming demeanour, captivating storytelling, and the show’s ability to connect with a diverse audience all contributed to its success.

Winning the AMVCA is a significant accomplishment for any artist or show because it represents acknowledgement and affirmation from both industry professionals and spectators. Macky 2’s victory for King Bugar demonstrates not just his talent as a rapper, but also his versatility as a creative and entertainer.

The AMVCA award for King Bugar will definitely lead to additional possibilities and progress for Macky 2 and his show. It inspires budding artists and content makers all over Africa to pursue their creative endeavours and push the frontiers of storytelling.