Macky 2 Says “I’m thinking of retiring from the industry”


Zambia’s music giant, the living icon and frontier of Alpha Entertainments, Macky 2 disclosed a shocking news this morning as he was annoucing the release of his latest single Mrs Me” on his Instagram account, saying “The late album that I released could be the last one, cause am thinking of retiring”.

It is believe that the rapper joined the industry in early 2007, and was popularly know as Flavaboy King Buga. Macky 2 made a number of hit singles and won awards, but it is said that what groomed his fanbase was the controversy he had with the Lusaka based rapper Slap Dee, but they settled their scores and working on  reuniting the industry.

In conclusion, it is quite a shocking news to his fans and lovers of his contribution to the Zambian Hip Hop. He did not say the year or day when will that happen but he is thinking about it.

For confirmation, you can stream the video below!

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Mrs Me Out Today.

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