La’wino Gets Into A Fight With Alice Musukwa Over “Fly Jay” Being On The Streets


Black Billionaire Records CEO, Business man & recording artist La’wino has been receiving some critics over the issue of his artist Fly Jay being found on the streets and not being taken to school. And La’wino did take some serious precautions concerning the boy’s life, both musically and care. He took the boy, he’s staying with him and he’s likely to be taken back to school in term two as he was speaking on an interview on Diamond TV.

Just a day ago, La’wino went live on his Facebook page as he was socialising with Fly Jay and his father concerning his life. Well today we’ve received some news where La’wino got into a fight with a model identified as Alice Musukwa on a phone call, concerning the issue of Fly Jay being found on the streets and she suggests to start managing the boy which really pissed off La’wino as he is the current manager of the boy.

Listen to their phone call conversation below!