Kalandanya Music Might Give Us a Joint Album By ”Slapdee & Mackey 2“


Would You Like A Joint Album By ”Slap Dee & Macky 2“ And Named It ”Take Over“?

Kalandanya Music Promotions is one of the stable record labels in the country, with an aim of uplifting artists to reach their full potential on the music scene.

Many artists are signed under KMP such as Rich BizzyShenkyDambisaRuff KidYo MapsMacky 2Nez LongMampi, and Slapdee just to mention a few. Which means both music giants are signed to the same label and could be possible for them to give us a dual album.

Indeed it could be one of Zambia’s biggest Joint album, as two top mainstreams collaborate to deliver a huge project full of great records. This was a thought posted  by the KMP itself, and might be brought to life if you insist on it.

In other news, Macky 2 is expected to bless us with an album called Olijaba in the month of October, seems too far but it will be worth waiting.