If You Would Like To Manage “Fly Jay” I’ll Gladly Terminate His Contract Says “La’wino”


La’wino narrated

Since everyone has something to say about someone…… Even when you don’t know the person….

I took in Fly Jay last year and before anything else I paid for his school,bought clothes for him and paid for studio sessions. To me He was like a little brother and I wanted to help with the little I had not that I did not have anything else to do cause believe me away from Music I am a CEO of a whole Branding, Marketing and Advertising Company and I have other responsibilities, I did it out of Love and nothing else….wish any of you people who have been posting negativity would have done that….apart from that I help out the parents when ever I can….and these people have become my family…….but as the saying goes “Someone that does not know your situation will judge from a distance but won’t do anything to change the situation” I dare any one that will utter any negative comment to take up the role of Managing Fly Jay to contact me.

I took in a child that is not my own..I did not do it for anyone, I did it for my self because if it was my child being in his shoes and I did not have the capacity to change his situation, I would glad if someone helped… No body did it but I did…and yet you feel you have the right to point fingers?? Yet you feel you have the right to take videos and post?? Yes Fly Jay grew up from the streets and he is undergoing Rehab and counseling, getting him on the right track for Noe is more important than his music. Measures have been put in place for him to be in a Boarding school,still these are my efforts and not yours…why are you people only Good at talking?? You should be ashamed. I pray your kids will not end up on the Streets cause Today Does not promise tomorrow..

If you would like to Manage Fly Jay, come to my office and I will gladly Terminate his Contract.”