Get To Know The Truth Behind The Trending Photo Of Kidist Kifle


Get to know the truth behind the trending photo of Kidist Kifle.

Kidist Kifle is a Zambian based makeup artist, but doesn’t do professional make up. She became popular after a video of her whipping the late singer Daev went viral on social media.

And what made people mad it’s because the video leaked after the singer was reported to be involved in a car accident and died on spot. The issue went as far as reaching to an extent of people started protesting ”We want justice for Daev“ and the Zambian Police took an interest into the matter. Despite everything that had happened, the video wasn’t proving anything concerning the death of Daev.

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Yo Maps confirmed to be dating Kidist Kifle. Just not so long ago there is a photo that has gone viral on social media which shows Kidist in a SFX Makeup and people believe she was beaten. What is Special FX Makeup? Special effects makeup, or SFX makeup, is the use of cosmetics and prosthetics to create special effects for camera, film, or live-action theater. The effects can be simple, like bruises or fake blood from a fistfight.

The photo was actually shared on instagram in 2019 under the account Queens Lounge LSK, below we have attached the account!


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