Fly Jay Reportedly To Have Fled From Copperbelt And Is Back On The Streets


Every time Fly Jay’s name pop up on social media, we always expect to hear some drama. Not long ago when his father approached him to take him home he refused to go along with him.

He gave his reasons why he didn’t want to go back to Lusaka, and it didn’t go well with people on social media, others were in support of his decision whilst others were not.

Just to take you back, this boy was once under the care of La’wino, who took him in and was his musical manager. He provided him with all the necessary needs and took him to school. But surprisely the boy used to run away from home to go and freestyle in the streets and people started thinking maybe his care taker isn’t taking serious precautions towards the boy.

He later moved in with Y-Celeb in kitwe where he said he was happy and had the freedom he wanted and the time to focus on his music. And he once featured on an interview with RiteMedia where he disclosed shocking news, saying La’wino never used to take good care of him, ”He used to leave me alone at home and he used to give my parents changes“ he said.

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Now we’ve received some news that the boy had fled away from Copperbelt and he’s back in Chibolya freestyling again for some cash. Does this mean that he wasn’t taken care of? Watch the video of him dancing in Chibolya.