Chef 187 – Broke Nolunkumbwa Full Album

Download Chef 187 – Broke Nolunkumbwa Full Album Mp3

Download Chef 187Broke Nolunkumbwa Full Album Mp3

The albumBroke Nolunkumbwa by Chef 187 has finally been released. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the 24-track album, which Chef 187 has been heating up for months.

Broke Nolunkumbwa is a true demonstration of Chef 187‘s skill as an artist as well as his capacity to excite and redefine Zambian music.

The album features collaborations with a wide range of artists, including young and talented newcomers like Umusepela Crown, Ruth Ronnie, Towela Kaira, Blake, Chanda Na Kay, Jemax, Bow Chase, Dizmo, Chuzhe Int, TieFour, The Kopala Pastor, Fountain of Hope Kids, Sam Nyambe, Immortal C’Zar, Mumba Yachi, T-Low, HD Empire, and Milz The Teacher, each of whom adds their own distinct flavor and spice to the album.

01. Chef 187 ft. Umusepela Crown & Ruth Ronnie – Too Busy (DOWNLOAD NOW)

02. Chef 187 ft. Milz The Teacher – Lyonse New Year (DOWNLOAD NOW)

03 Chef 187 ft. Sam Nyambe – Nalamupampamina (DOWNLOAD NOW)

04. Chef 187 ft. Towela Kaira – Nomba Apa Ninshi (DOWNLOAD NOW)

05. Chef 187 ft. Blake – Nobody (DOWNLOAD NOW)

06. Chef 187 – In Case Nshakenshepo Bentili (DOWNLOAD NOW)

07. Chef 187 – Pettyson Daka (DOWNLOAD NOW)

08. Chef 187 – Banger (DOWNLOAD NOW)

09. Chef 187 ft. Mumba Yachi – Niwe Natemwa (DOWNLOAD NOW)

10. Chef 187 ft. Chanda Na Kay – Service Taiwesha Mileage (DOWNLOAD NOW)

11. Chef 187 – Inkama Nkaya Nasho Kunshinshi (DOWNLOAD NOW)

12. Chef 187 ft. Jemax – Ba Yubu (DOWNLOAD NOW)

13. Chef 187 ft. Bow Chase – Party Nomulomo (DOWNLOAD NOW)

14. Chef 187 ft. The Kopala Pastor – Asenda (DOWNLOAD NOW)

15. Chef 187 – Tata Ngati Abuke (DOWNLOAD NOW)

16. Chef 187 – Nganakuposele Fye Inshita (DOWNLOAD NOW)

17. Chef 187 – Nameless One (DOWNLOAD NOW)

18. Chef 187 ft. Dizmo & Tie Four – You Are Not That Important (DOWNLOAD NOW)

19. Chef 187 ft. Immortal C’zar – Skwaleh (DOWNLOAD NOW)

20. Chef 187 ft. Chuzhe Int – No Sponsored By (DOWNLOAD NOW)

21. Chef 187 ft. T-Low – New Gelo Same Problems (DOWNLOAD NOW)

22. Chef 187 ft. Bow Chase – Walilenga Napata Mukabwata (DOWNLOAD NOW)

23. Chef 187 ft. Fountain Of Hope Kids – Namishibafye (DOWNLOAD NOW)

24. Chef 187 ft. HD Empire – Webushiku (DOWNLOAD NOW)

Overall, fans of good Zambian music should listen to Broke Nolunkumbwa. Therefore, immediately stream the entire album and share.