Do You Know Why “Nez Long” Was Signed To XYZ? Find Out Now!


Can You Guess What Made The XYZ Ent. To Sign Nez Long To Their Label?

The majority of people became familiar with Nez Long after he released his hit single Van Damme” in 2018 which featured Bobby East and Chef 187. But the truth is Nez Long has always been there, going as far as 2010 he was musically active.

Nez Long was part of  a music group called Swagga Nama Cheeky, which consisted of ShizzyDope, Wonderboy and Mr Stash as their producer. Then he later started Black Out Media with Stash.

Nez Long and Bobby East have been friends for a very long time, but it wasn’t friendship that made him part of the XYZ, most of the people do not know this truth about Nez Long, he might not be a creative songwriter but he’s a very skilled Sound Engineer, he has been Mixing and mastering most of the songs that has been coming off the XYZ Camp but he used to let Stash take all the credit.

Nez Long has been the Ghost Producer For XYZ Ent. that is why he was signed to the label.

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