DJ H-Mac blames Kalandanya For separating him with XYZ


DJ H-Mac accuses Bwalya Kalandanya for separating him from XYZ.

Harry Mwanza, former manager of XYZ Entertainment and currently CEO of New Age Entertainment, better known as Dj H Mac, put an eye-catching comment on his WhatsApp status, which has now leaked on social media.

He claims he hasn’t seen his two artists in two years and four months because of Bwalya Money, an indirect hit at Bwalya Kalandanya.

Despite his refusal to name two artists, it is widely assumed that he was referring to Slapdee and Bobby East, who he managed before they joined KMP two years ago.

According to rumors, Bobby East and Slapdee were paid by the PF through Bwalya Kalandanya to record a campaign song for former Zambian President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL). However, when they were paid, they did not split the money with their record label colleagues.

See the screenshot below.