D Jonz claims to be Juju in the Zambian music industry


D Jonz is concerned about the use of Juju by Zambian artists. 

D JonzM Skills Entertainment’s rapper and music producer who has produced a number of hit songs for Zambian artists such as Mwationako by Alpha Romeo, Bachende by King Illest, Riff Kid with Levels, and others has unreleashes his anticipated music video tagged ” Nyunga mu studio” .

In his newly released brand new song, D Jonz has made some serious charges about how some Zambian artists have accepted the tradition of using Juju and murdering other people’s skills.

He further illustrates what he refers to as “real happenings situations in the Zambian Music Industry.”

Can his claims and charges be genuine or fake information? You can definitely check out the music for yourself using the link provided.

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