Tiye P — ”Chef Don’t Want To See Me Make It Says“


Tiye P says he feels like Chef Don’t want to see him make It!

One of Zambia’s Legendary Producer, The K-Army founder and Nexus Entertainment C.E.O KB (Killa Beat),  has A Records called DIARY that he has been dropping for some years now, He features different Rappers on his Diary songs and the Rappers comes in to express their real life feelings.

He recently dropped his Diary 11 that he features Tiye P, Dizmo, Muzo, Frank RO & Neo the artists brought their untold stories

On this One Tiye P explained about Cream Dollar Losing his Album, Macky 2 being there for him through his career And the Rapper also says his happy for Chef 187 That he has made it but he feels like Chef 187 don’t want to see him make it, Because out of 5 Chef 187’s Albums he hasn’t featured Tiye P in any, despite the relationship these two have.

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