Chef 187 — ”I Have Groomed Many Rappers But They Deny To Admit It“


When I Listen To Most Rappers, I Realize That I Have Actually Inspired Many — Chef 187.

Zambian born Hip Hop artiste and Lyricist Chef 187 also known as Lyrical Sensei slash Joe Mbuzi, is a strong household name in the Zambian Hip-Hop culture. He emerged onto the music scene in 2010, and so far he has 5 albums to his name titled Bon Appetit, Bon Appetit Deluxe, Amnesia, Heart of a Lion and Amenso Pamo.

Chef 187 has won hearts of many Hip-Hop lovers because of his excellent writing skills and impressive delivery. His lyrics are clean and calm, sometimes they contain Metaphors, which is left as a puzzle for his fans to figure out what he actually meant.

Since Hip Hop is a competitive genre, Chef 187‘s rap skills has encouraged many rappers to bring up their A GamesChef 187 was invited on a rap joint namely Tuli Ma OG“ a single by Noob Geezy.

In his verse he talked about how he has groomed many rappers, — ”Tuli Ma OG Bena Ni Duplicate, Funga ikofi Upose Teti Mbweshe Ulubuli Teti,  Ndekutika Ama Rapper Njebele Kwena Nalifyala, Ebankana Abene tabankilema Nalilufyanya

Translation — ”I am the original copy, the rest are Duplicate copies, when I listen to rappers I realize that have birthed many, but they don’t admit it, maybe I wronged them

After being in the industry for over a decade, Chef 187 has never been involved in any rap beef with a fellow rapper besides the joint diss tracks he did with his brother a long time ago. Some rappers (Tommy Dee and Krytic) have tried to tap on his shoulder but he just ignored them.

Listen to the entire song below!


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