Bobby East You Always Miss Beats – Says A Fan


A Fan Trolls Bobby East, You Always Miss Beats.

Recently there has been an ongoing trend on social media, when the Kalandanya Music Promotion signed artists released PF Campaign Songs, amongst them is Bobby East.

Fans were pissed off and started name calling them, “Vima Cadre”“Ba Mwankole”“Nshima Twerkers” etc. Artists almost took a break from social media, Macky 2 was the first one to come out and justify himself saying “Music is business, and his brand is available to offer services regardless of the client, besides a song doesn’t convince one to vote for a politician if they want change”. Some people understood, while others were and are still made at them.

Recently the CEO of XYZ Entertainment — Bobby East posted a picture on Facebook and the caption reads “Not scared to try a new sound and fail miserably….After a while I get it right” and a fan commented objecting his statement, and here is what Bobby East responded.