Bobby East — ”Daev’s Album Does Exist And Once Ready It Will Be Released“


The Album Does Exist And It’s Amazing Says — Bobby East.

It’s now been 1 Year since our brother David Phiri aka Daev departed from us. The wounds are too fresh to heal, every time you hear his music, it’s unbelievable to accept that he’s no longer with us.

Daev was one of the most talented people in the industry, every time he poured his vocals on the mic, the sound will be magical. His death brought shock and sadness upon many hearts.


On the other hand, people want to honor his Legacy and ensure that his Catalogue is handed over to the family.

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On 27 September, marked the day Daev was declared dead, majority of artists had something to say about him. Among them was Slap Dee and Bobby East, and people started questioning about Daev’s Album and Bobby East clarified that the album does exist and once everything has been put in place it will be released.