A Piece Of Advise To All The Upcomings Out There


To Every Concerned Artist Out There Who Is Willing And Ready To Take His Art To The Next Level. Take Time To Read This Article!

First of all, I am not saying my site is the only site that can make you blow up, and secondly it depends on how you’ve planned your career.💯

1• Too many sites: Guys I think it’s a waste of money to post your song on over 3+ sites, 1-2 should be enough and here’s why.

••> A site is just like a memory card which is online and you can store your content there and it’s easier for people to have access to it whenever they want to, instead of sending to everyone one by one. And why have suggested two it’s because sometimes a site can experience technical issues due to some reasons, so if one is under the stated situation the other one will be available.

••> So instead of spending much money on many sites thinking that’s the way to buy exposure, why not just sponsor the same two links under one post? And Facebook brings you the audience you’re dying for? Think about this!?

2• Maybe you don’t know how Facebook sponsorship works?

••> This is the fastest and easiest way to buy an audience, your art will be exposed to over 1000+ people across Facebook including Instagram. Rather than those Facebook friends of yours, who don’t even take time to listen to your craft they only like your post and it ends there.

3• Of course you have to pay for such process to take place, and you can make payments using a Visa Card, the currency is in Dollars (So you calculate how much is per dollar). This process is only available on your page, as it also helps to gain more followers/fans.

4• To balance the promo, use the remaining amount and pay radio DJs, so that when people listen to your music on radio stations and they want to download your music, those two sites will be available to them.

5• So a better promotion can cost about K400+ (Which includes, Professional Artwork, Radio Air Plays, Uploads & Facebook Sponsorship). But that amount is a Mistry to some upcoming Muzhishians (Musicians). As they see a video in that amount to some of those who works maybe it could be their salary, and they have to help at home, take bae out, buy some pants etc. And yet they complain about not being appreciated by people, busy crying for favors.

6• Get this from me as a promoter, a friend, a fan, a supporter and as a brother. You’re moving like a snail🐌 and we all know what kind of progress it makes just to cross over to the other side.

7• People thinking in this lane have made so much progress such that you’re accusing them to be initiated in come kind of satanism practice, and some of them are not even talented compared to you but since they have strategically planned on how to gain exposure, they’re famous. (While you’re just out there sabailaling, Nez Long Ninshaba, GOAT was a flop, just for illustration). Either it’s true or not but people are buying it and you’ve nothing to prove yourself you can do better…

Think About This/ Pitisamo Peni / Tolamo Amano.